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Damir Demirovic

Full Stack Developer

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Hedgehog Buddy – Who is he?

Hello, everybody, Buddy is very happy to share a lot of things with you. In this post he asked me to write more about him. He will be 3 years old in March… Not really a baby, ha? But for parents, their children's never grow up. He is 450 grams weigh. He is missing one...

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Learning Programming in 2018

Hello world! Here i come again after few months since i've posted last time which is when i've promised i will post in few days... Well, what can i say? Sorry! Life has been uber duper busy for me. But let's leave that for some other post. So, last night i was...

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I’ve Lost my Car Keys

Losing car keys can be pain in the ass and trust i would know since this just happened to me. So just when i was about to plan my mini holiday with my girlfriend about going to Italy or maybe Hungary, this incredible bad luck happened to me....

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