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Damir Demirovic

Full Stack Developer

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81 Principles of Good UX Design

Hello, world. Recently I've bought a book that actually contains 101 principles but i've merged few of those into one or removed some finding them not so important for 2019 and I've read it and I couldn't just go on with a next book till I comment this one with you...

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How to Install WordPress on Namecheap in Less than 5 Minutes

Login and go to Your Account Dashboard So the first things first. Before starting everything, you will need to login inside your Namecheap account, buy your desired hosting package and your domain name. Once you do, make sure you are inside your account dashboard. It...

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Hedgehog Buddy – Who is he?

Hello, everybody, Buddy is very happy to share a lot of things with you. In this post he asked me to write more about him. He will be 3 years old in March… Not really a baby, ha? But for parents, their children's never grow up. He is 450 grams weigh. He is missing one...

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