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I am just a guy lost in the land of codes and games. 

I am a Java and Web developer. I am here mostly for fun and to earn some additional income of course. I enjoy developing and it’s been my passion since i was 9. I promise you quick delivery and quality guaranteed. I am always online, i practically live on the internet so you can contact me easily

I love crypto currencies and i widely support them therefore most of my clients are happy to pay me for my work with crypto currencies. I belive it’s a future of our century and that it gives a huge advantages when it comes to business. 

I also love playing game, therefore since i’ve got better internet connection last year i’ve decide that this year (2018) i will start streaming on Twitch and try to have some fun while trying to get some community. Hopefully people will love my stream.

Here are some technologies I am familiar with

I tend to use latest technologies in all coding languages.


HTML is basic language without nothing would be possible on the web. Currently i am using HTML5 to make sure all websites i create turn out to be modern and updated.


You can’t have a modern and nice looking website without some CSS styling. I am using CSS3 to make sure everything looks slim and fit.


This also includes a jQuery. JavaScript is a must have for latest technologies. If you want to have good user experience, you must use JavaScript.


WordPress is the most famous CMS platform in the worl. It offers plenty possibilites and even thou it kinda limits me, i still love working with it. Every second client asks me to make him a website in WordPress.


PHP is a server-side language which is the most popular language in my opinion. Web apps and database maintenance are impossible without PHP. I use latest PHP 7.


I used to work as Java developer. It was my daily 9 – 5 job. It’s my strong side and i love coding in Java. All apps made in Java are available on any OS in the world. I also use Vaadin framework.


With a knowledge of Java it was a really easy way for me to learn Android development. I’m also a tech fun and i just love smartphones which makes Android development a joy for me.


Ionic is a very fast and very updated framework that helps buildign mobile apps. I’ve been working with Ionic since version one, so it’s easy for me to build professional apps for all kind of companies and clients.


This amazing framework was introduced to me once i started working in Herc. It’s incredibly light and amazingly fast. It’s definitely one of my favorites. Looking forward to future Vue editions.

AWS (Amazong Web Services) Expert

Another skill that i keep perfecting on daily basis. Able to create, link, monitor and backups all your wanted resources.


Since i’ve opened my own online hedgehog shop “Buddy” i’ve learned a lot about social media marketing and advertising. It’s one of the skills for which i think it values the most if you use it right.

Business Consulting

After starting few companies myself and also witnessing a few multi-million company start up processes  i am able to offer my experience and consultation for all the startups and future business owners.

Coding Languages

Loyal Clients

Years of Experience

Projects Done

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Feel free to check out some of my latest projects i’ve done.


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I’ve Lost my Car Keys

Losing car keys can be pain in the ass and trust i would know since this just happened to me. So just when i was about to plan my mini holiday with my girlfriend about going to Italy or maybe Hungary, this incredible bad luck happened to me....

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