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UpWork as Secondary Income Source

Why UpWork?

UpWork used to be called oDesk before. Since they’ve changed their name into “UpWork” they’ve become way more popular than earlier. Basically every freelancer who wants to code, design or something else must be registered on UpWork. So this is a reason why am i going to try and boost my profile. This website is visited by millions of users every day. There are new jobs being posted on every second. You can see this by yourself when you refresh. So therefore, it seems logical that since there are many job requests that there will be many freelances applying as well.


I’ve had my account on UpWork  before but i’ve never really tried very hard to get any job or project that might bring me some additional money. Because of that, i’ve decided strongly that i am going to give my best this time and not to give up. I will use my portfolio to attract clients and i hope it will all work out well and that i will actually get some project to work on. Many developers started to hate this website since it started charging 20% of developer earnings as fees. My personal opinion is that 20% is way too much. I do understand a need to earn some percentage and pay all employees and servers but come on guys… it’s too much.

How i am going to achieve my goals

I’ve read some article about marketing and selling. I don’t really remember where did i read it, otherwise i would link it here but i do remember well some of the principles written in that article. Author of article was talking about how you should approach to customer, in our case (client). You focus on client’s needs and you never try to sell yourself and your service. You need to convince customer that he needs you in order to have his project finished. So basically this is one of the ways i will use to convince my future clients to cooperate with me.


I don’t really have anything else to say except that i hope that his will work out to me. I used to work on Guru but i don’t really like how Guru handles some customer-client issues. I’ve heard that those kind of situation are solved in a way more inconvenient way on UpWork. I guess i will have to wait and judge it myself. So that’s all for today. Wish me luck!


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