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Samsung Galaxy S8, The Most Expected Flagship Has Arrived

Samsung Galaxy S8 Intro

This year has been pretty good in terms of innovations in smartphone technology. It started pretty well with LG G6 and Huawei P10. Both of them, which are very updated and designed up to latest modern standards are now outdated when Samsung Galaxy S8 finally arrived.

Straight to the point

Galaxy S8 seems to be a huge hit in the world of smartphones and it will probably go up with sales once it’s launched. That should happen at April 20. if i am not mistaken. Can’t wait right? But stop! It’s not all perfect as it looks like. There are few crucial features i am worried about. Apparently, this phone has gorgeous “infinity” display with the size of 5.8 inches a very same battery of 3000mAh. My humble opinion is that battery life is going to suck a lot! Just think about it. Same battery as on s7 but it’s not 5.2 inches anymore, instead is 5.8 inches now. We all know that our displays are biggest consumers of our batteries. You can check that into your settings. There is also a stronger CPU now that will consume battery more than previous CPU in Galaxy s7.

Another feature that Samsung Galaxy S8 had and that i am worried about is Samsung Dex. Apparently it looks like you will be able to dock s8 and use it as PC. What they didn’t tell us, is that this is only “maxified” android and not a PC. You won’t be able to install and run all those PC programs you find essential for your work. Although, some people say that virtualization will be possible, but even if is going to be available, it won’t perform well.

One of disappointments is also that Galaxy s8 still has an “old” camera that has been used in Galaxy s7. We all love cameras! We want them to improve. Come on Samsung(Samesong)! Important thing to mention is that front camera is slightly improved. It’s now 8mpx and it features some additional options. Hopefully it won’t blur our faces like Galaxy s7 did.

Final thoughts

I have to mention that i am simply delighted by general design of this phone. It’s definitely my favorite after iPhone 5s/SE. I also hope that later this year we will see an updated Note edition, because i kind of miss S Pen.

So that’s all about Samsung Galaxy S8. All that’s left is for us to wait and see how well it will perform. Who knows, it might have the “exploding” performance.


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