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I’ve Lost my Car Keys

Losing car keys can be pain in the ass and trust i would know since this just happened to me. So just when i was about to plan my mini holiday with my girlfriend about going to Italy or maybe Hungary, this incredible bad luck happened to me. I’ve lost my car keys. Even thou i did know that without car i am literally tied to one city only and i can’t run many errands that i usually do with my car, i still remained calm. That got me confused since usually i would be pissed, especially since i am the one who lost them. So let me tell you about the painful procedure that happens if you lose your only car keys.

Be Careful When You Buy Used Car

This is probably completely normal for most of the people who are buying used cards, locally or online, but i have a feeling that i still need to mention this. Make sure that when you buy a used car that you make sure to get at least two car keys from previous owner. If your car is less than 20 years old then you should have a remote unlocking option and therefore at least one original key that will allow you to unlock your car remotely without putting your key inside the door. This is very important since later, if it happens that you lose a key, you can get a blank key from Amazon or eBay for as low as 10$ and easily reprogram it in order to make it work a very same way as original key would.

What to do if you Lose Your Car Keys

You have few options. If you already have another key in reserve, then all that you have to do is get a new blank key and reprogram it. You can find instructions for this online for the most car brands. In other way, if you’ve lost the only car key that you had for your car then you will have to spend some significant amount of money to get a new one. There are services that offer a solution for this scenario but make sure to understand everything before you hire them. A cheaper alternative is to have a automotive locksmith get you a new key. It might cost around 50$ or so but it will let you get inside the car and reprogram a new blank key. That way total cost would be around 100$. There is also an official way. You write down a car serial number that can usually be found in the bottom of windshield and get an car ownership proof with you and then go to official service. They will code and make a completely new and original key for you. This is the best way but the downside is that it might cost you around 250$. At least that’s how much i need to pay for my Ford Fiesta 2003 car model.

Funny Ideas

There are few funny ideas that came to my mind. Since i am a programmer, a vary first thing that came to my mind was an idea of hacking my own car. I’ve looked and asked around and learned that you might need some additional transmitting devices in order to catch car’s signal. Even then, it still might be a very hard thing to do since most of the methods are about interrupting unlocking/locking transmission  signal. Since i didn’t have the other key i couldn’t interrupt anything and also, those devices are expensive, around 580$. It still might be a good idea for new and funny business. The other idea i had was about breaking into my own car. I saw some locksmith tools for Ford online that comes with an explanation but to be honest i am afraid i would damage my car that way which is why i’ve decided not to go along with that.

So that’s it, you can see how painful this can be so make sure that if you already have only one car key to make a copy out of it. Trust me, even if it might sound funny, losing car keys really sucks. Some people on reddit suggested to have your key hidden bellow your car, either with magnets or somehow securing it to make sure it won’t get damaged from dust, water etc… So if you are one of those people like i was, having only one key, please do me and do yourself a favor  and go get yourself a backup key now! You will save your money, your nerves and most importantly your time.


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