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It’s been more than a week since I’ve wrote a last post. I know, i did promise i will write one post every few days but this time i actually have a good excuse. I was invited by my colleagues and by Mr. President himself to personally attend at anniversary of Liberland. Some of you might know or herd about it but i bet that most of you didn’t. So let me explain all bellow. Also, feel free to visit official Liberland website.

What is a Liberland

Liberland is a country between Serbia and Croatia. It’s 7 square kilometers big and currently there is only a nature and no buildings. The president of the Liberland is Vit Jedlička born September 6th 1983. Pretty young for a president i know. He is amazing person with great visions and plans. Very friendly and family oriented. Liberland was proclaimed at April 13th 2013 by Vit. It’s a micro-nation claiming an uninhabited parcel of disputed land on the western bank of the Danube, between Croatia and Serbia. This piece of land was left unclaimed back when Yugoslavia started to fall apart and got separated into several countries. So Vit knew this and we’ve decided that together with his wife and rest of family and friends go to this piece of land and proclaim it as his own. Nothing wrong with right? It’s important to mention that official language for Liberland is English and official currency is Merit. As president said, taxes in Liberland are going to be voluntary and Liberland is going to be a very crypto friendly which is the reason why most of donators, investors and businesses will support Liberland.


liberland-flagEven thou Liberland is accepted and admitted as official country from many nations and countries worldwide, it is not still official. If you check the Google Maps you will see it’s part of Serbia. This is the main issue when it comes to Liberland. I was attending at this years third Liberland’s anniversary and i heard many opinions about this. Some economical experts believe that Liberland and it’s investors together with businesses would increase economic value of both, Serbia and Croatia substantially. Liberland already has it’s own flag, passports, anthem and all other important stuff that every country should have. President said that they still need to wait for ongoing issues between Croatia and Serbia to be solved when it comes to this land, although i must say Serbia is being very supportive and friendly with Liberland. Serbian city and Danube port Apatin has already agreed about free trade zone with Liberland. They were even wearing Liberland t-shirts and flags back at the conference. They were even helpful and got us food and kept making small pauses for toilet during the 2 hours (one way) boat ride from Apatin to Liberland. Going with boat is currently the only way but if things go smooth in the future we could probably expect some bridges. When it comes about Croatia, they seem to not be very friendly and supportive with Liberland. When we arrived at Liberland area we had to stay on Danube river since they made a human perimeter on the coast and had few police boats patrolling around us. They won’t let anyone cross there which is in my humble opinion very irrational. We even had an important Croatian politician with us Ivan Pernar who is a big Liberland supporter and trying his best to make things smooth. Some people said that Croatian police has been guarding that land every single day in the past 3 years.

A Proper Mindset

What does it mean being a Libertarian? It means that you believe in future powered by cryptocurrency, freedom and very eco friendly environment. You can apply for citizenship online on their website. Their motto is “To live and let live”. They believe in the future without government controlling and manipulating the system. Future without taxes and pointless fees and papyrology. Many people keep saying that once it gets fully approved, Liberland is going to be next Dubai. That statement might be very true since it would attract many rich individuals and companies, mostly because of taxes. Also, for crypto people, this is going to be heaven since official currency of this country is also a crypto currency. You would think it’s all business and taxes and crypto, but if you were attending at anniversary like i did you would see many kids and families being united together for one mutual cause. Even conference speaker himself mentioned that when president Vit invited him to speak, he strictly requested him to either come together with family or not come at all. Liberland even took care of all expenses during the conference for all participants who stayed in Sheraton Hotel at Novi Sad. There were many important and familiar faces, especially from the crypto space. One of them was also my boss, amazing and positive person, Anthem Hayek Blanchard, the C.E.O of AnthemGold and HERC. He and his wife believe and support this country and it’s vision of the future. They’ve also donated to this great country and are of course proud owners of diplomatic Liberland passport.

The Anthem

Once we’ve arrived at the conference i was invited to Telegram group that had all members from the conference. What i’ve liked about this group and noticed straight away is that people worked together on same cause. Everyone were willing to get to know each other and help create amazing future of Liberland. Therefore, they were also working on the official anthem for this country. Here is the current version:


Liberland ! ! !
Liberland ! ! !
Liberland ! ! !

To live and let live
To live and be free
Trust and believe
We are and will be


Needs expanding:

Bridge / Bond
Relentless / Restless
Advance / Amazing
Never give up / Natural / Nature
Delighted / Distributed / Decentralized

As you can see. It’s still being worked on but it talks about freedom, trust, decentralization and love. Personally i do support this country and i really hope that Croatia and Serbia will settle this issue as soon as possible so we can start working on bright future of the Liberland together. Would i be willing to move in in the future? Yes i would!

Fun Facts

Before finishing this post i want to tell you about some funny facts.

  • Liberland has official wine and beer.
  • Cannabis is going to be legal.
  • This country already has it’s own government.
  • There is a balance between genders. Not only males as you would expect. As a matter of fact, girls are very hot.
  • One of the secretaries  (can’t name him) is lieutenant of Queen of England.
  • There won’t be any taxes in Liberland. Only voluntary.
  • It’s only 7 square kilometers big, 5th smallest country in the world.
  • It has almost a million people already applied for citizenship.
  • You can use Liberland passport worldwide and also get Liberland stamp in any passport.

So that’s it for now. I have one of my friends promising me an interview so you guys might expect this in the near future. He is an owner of Diplomatic Passport and also plans to have his own cannabis farms in Liberland. Probably gonna end up as minister of agriculture, who knows.


  1. Kevin

    Hi, I tried to register my intent to apply for citizenship in Liberland on their website,,, but it would open .

    Do I need to get a Proxy Domain or something , maybe I’m being blocked ?

    • daxdax89

      Which country you are visiting from?

    • daxdax89

      We got it because we’ve donated as one of the sponsors. Not sure how it works for normal passports.


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