Hello Internet. I’ve just came back from holidays and i thought i could write about holiday itself as i was asked numerous times from people around the world about how and what do we do in Serbia when labour day comes.

What’s labour day?

Labour day is famous by many things. In majority of world countries, it’s being celebrated at 1st May each year. Some other countries like Canada and USA celebrate labour day at first Monday of September. They consider it as unofficial end of summer season. Labour day is considered as achievement of workers. Way back in history, people used to work way more than they do today. Then workers had some kind of rebellion and made long working hours a history. This is why labour day is also known as international workers day. On this day workers achieved agreement that every human being should have 8 hours to work, 8 hours to sleep and 8 hours for free.

Serbian labour day

labour dayPeople in Serbia, including myself have a very nice habit when labour day comes. They gather together somewhere in nature and have a big picnic celebrating, drinking and having fun. Most of them bring tents and sleep over for 2 – 3 days. Usually, during labour day, we get up to 5 days free from work. Sounds great right?

This year, i’ve decided to spend a labour day with my family and visit river Danube. Even though weather was really bad, we really had some fun while listening loud music, fishing, grilling, playing soccer and so on. It was pretty cold so i was in the car most of the time with heating on. I used to love cold weather but i guess i am changing as i grow old. As you can see on the picture it was also cloudy.

I gotta say that i am one of those people who hate silly holidays. Especially ones in Serbia. Serbia is probably country with most holidays in the world. Someone would say that we are lazy nation but the truth is that most of those holidays are actually coming from religion and are not made up by newer generations of Serbian people.

Becoming a Mainstream

Labour day was a mainstream for years now actually. When the time comes and we are just few days away from labour day, people start asking “Where are you going at may 1st?”. This is a problem with our society here. If you answer with simple “Nowhere”, you will be considered as antisocial, poor or weird person. This is why i don’t like about Serbs.

Many people who work during a whole year would just like to enjoy in atmosphere of their homes, watch movies, chill, listen music and so on. In other hand, it often happens that is raining outside, it’s cold and so on so those people just feel like staying home. This is completely normal and those people should be considered as normal people as well. After all, nobody is forced to follow a so called Mainstream. It’s about enjoying your free days of the work. Do what you wanna do. Simple as that.

Anyways that’s all, just wanted to make a quick and short post about this since it was on my mind. Cheers!

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