Gaming “>=” Life? We’ll Never Know!

Gaming as passion

Gaming seems to be a very famous hobby nowadays. We all played games at some point in our lives. Some of us just tried it, others never stopped. I am probably included in ones that never stopped 😀 After all it doesn’t really matter as long as we are love it!

How it all started

I remember when i was 5 years old and my dad brought first Nintendo and Super Mario diskette. He even allowed me to stay longer awaken that night and play games with him. Best dad in the world right!? Since then, i never really stopped playing games. When i was 11 years old me and my 3 years younger brother used to spend a lots of money paying to play one of the first releases of Pro Evolution Soccer on PlayStation One (PSX). After a while, The Might Dad appears again and buy PSX for me and my brother(One of the happiest moments in my life). There are simply no words that could describe my happiness back then. But anyways, i remember us getting PSX with 2 controllers, one of them still works today after 17 years!!! Tells everything about Sony quality. We got 2 games, some stupid football and some cars. We also didn’t sleep two nights back then and our dad got hooked again, so he didn’t sleep neither. It’s a wonderful time of my life that i am never going to forget.

PC gaming

Then i got into high school where we had to learn about programming and 3D constructing and i had to get my first PC. Windows XP, how i hated you…. I did know something about computers since i was programming on my old one since i was 9, but it never was that serious. So eventually we’ve started playing PES on PC and then i got hooker into a game called 9Dragons. According to statistics, I’ve spent 3500 hours of gaming withing that game. It’s awful. I had good friends there and that’s only good thing out of that period. I regret for not spending more time learning programming and web design or Android development. So i will freely call that period of my life “WASTED TIME”.

After that, League of Legends came out. Everyone played it, so did i. For 3 years or so. With my brother  who continued and played PES and was 2 times world champion. So proud of him.

Mobile gaming

I am working as Java programmer and web developer currently and i do own Playstation 4 (PS4) where we still play some games with bro and dad. Yes, dad still play PES with us! Love you dad! Although, adult life magically appeared, we gotta work to survive and we gotta pay bills right? Because of that i don’t really spend much time gaming on PS4 but i got my new addiction on my iPhone 7.

It’s Clash Royale and SimCity of course.

I will probably post many videos in future where i play this game and i invite each of you to join my clan, it’s called “Exodious”. You will find it easily.

So that’s it, my brief history of gaming. See you in arenas!