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Since I was a kid who just learned to talk I loved techy stuff. I loved having all types of gadgets and I loved using technology in general to improve my own quality of life. Today as a grown-up, I use it even more. Sometimes I even trust my own life with it and in some strange way, I could actually say it’s one of my biggest passions. This is why I love to talk about it and why I am going to write about it from time to time. If you ever feel like talking about tech with me, feel free to contact me!

Learning Coding in 2022

Learning Coding in 2022

Hello, world! Here I come again after a few months since I posted last time which is when I promised I will post in a few days... Well, what can I say? Sorry! Life has been super duper busy for me. But let's leave that for some other post. So, last night I was...

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