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As sad as it if for me to see you go away, I still gotta thank you for staying at least this long. I am really sorry if I did or wrote anything that might’ve insulted you or in any way made you mad and unsatisfied with the content that I am trying my best to work on and deliver to everyone. I respect your decision to unsubscribe as I know how does it feel to be “spammed” with emails that you are no longer interested in.

Therefore I won’t be asking you to reconsider your decision, even thou I would really love you to stay but I would love you to let me know why did you decide to unsubscribe from my mailing list? You have no idea how much I would appreciate that kind of feedback from someone like you. So please take a second and write me down bellow why are you leaving and i wish you all the best in all your future web adventures. 

Kindly, DaX.

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