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Damir Demirovic

Full Stack Developer

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Back to my Blog After a Long Pause

I know, i know... You thought I've given up on writing my blog posts. Well, to be honest i didn't I've just had so much happening in my life. New job and projects, moving out to my own place, my brother having a baby and so much more that i might post about in the...

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Search Engine Optimization for Bloggers(SEO)

Unfortunately, writing great blog posts isn't enough these days for readers to find a site. Search engine optimization (SEO) is needed to ensure that sites are indexed properly by search engine spiders. If a site is fully optimized, it will receive many more visitors...

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Labour Day in Serbia as Important Holiday

Hello Internet. I've just came back from holidays and i thought i could write about holiday itself as i was asked numerous times from people around the world about how and what do we do in Serbia when labor day comes. What's labor day? Labor day is famous by many...

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