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Full Stack Developer | AWS Expert | Business Consultant
Hello, my name is Damir Demirovic. Everyone calls me DaX. I am a Full Stack developer currently working as Lead Web Developer and AWS Expert. I am here mostly for fun and to earn some additional income of course. I enjoy developing and it has been my passion since i was 9. I promise you quick delivery and quality guaranteed. I am always online, i practically live on the internet so you can contact me easily.
  • Web Development 95% 95%
  • Web Design 80% 80%
  • AWS Engineering 85% 85%
  • Business Consultancy & Strategy 90% 90%
  • WordPress Development 99% 99%


Web Development

Other than being an expert in HTML, CSSJavaScript, I am also experienced in Vue.js as well as being familiar with React.js and Node.js. Very experienced with GitHub. I worked with CSS Preprocessors as well such as SCSS for example. I am familiar with many libraries and frameworks like BootstrapBulmaBuefyjQueryHover.cssExpressReduxVuexRouters and many more…

WordPress Development

I’ve been working for almost 10 yeard with WordPress. From developing a custom themes and plugins to completing basic PSD to WordPress tasks with not only websites, but also blogs and online stores. I am extremely familiar with Divi theme which is my favourite so far when it comes to WordPress.

AWS DevOps

I was working as Lead DevOps in a multi-million US company. I was responsible for the whole infrastructure and I used to create and maintain it all by myself. Today i am freelancing and helping few smaller US agencies manage their own AWS Infrastructure. It’s part of my everyday work. This is why I am glad to say that I am an expert in this area.

Hosting and Domain Management

To all my clients I am happy to offer assistance with hosting and domain management as well as offer them the world’s best and fastest hosting and domain services managed by myself so they won’t have to worry and can calmly sleep at night and focus on their business while leaving the complicated tech stuff to me.

Business Consultation

This happened to come to me naturally while working with many clients. Being a part of many small agencies and startups who managed to grow and expand successfully I am now familiar with complete process of business development and scaling up, especially on the technical side. Therefore I am happy to help clients with some good and previously tested business development strategies.


Being a programmer makes me deal with User Interface and User Experience a lot. With 12 years of experience, I am able to say that I am familiar with not only good but also a many bad UI/UX practices and I am happy to help clients work on them and improve them further. I’ve even wrote an article about it. You can read it here.


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