Hedgehog Buddy – Who is he?

Hello, everybody, Buddy is very happy to share a lot of things with you. In this post he asked me to write more about him. He will be 3 years old in March… Not really a baby, ha? But for parents, their children’s never grow up. He is 450 grams weigh. He is missing one of his teeth, he has a few broken spikes on his left side (that’s the story hell never tell). I call them a scar.

When we let him run all over the room he usually ends up sleeping in my travelling bag. When Buddy is in his home he is sleeping in a giraffe bad we have in our store.

He loves to eat cat granules and cooked chicken. He also adores to chew our carpet and then to annotate. At first, he was afraid of my kisses. He used to ball up so I can’t kiss him, now he can fall asleep while I’m giving him kisses. The best moments for me. The way he is showing me that he likes what I’m doing is hiccup. I just want to say that this was a process, it didn’t happen overnight.

I would say that Buddy is a very intelligent hedgehog… He knows that entering the bathroom is forbidden, so he never goes there alone. Tho, he hates bathing so maybe that is the reason why he doesn’t go in there. Thats the reason why we don’t do so much often, once a month. He also knows how to ask for water or food. When I’m passing by his house he waits for me with his little cute little rose nose up and when I stop he show what he needs.

Beside bathing he also hates my body lotions, cooked veggies, fruits. Oh yes, he also hates the girl who works in my beauty salon, he bites her all the time. He gets grumpy when he doesn’t sleep enough.

For me, Buddy is my little baby. I enjoy every minute with him, but also I’m giving him some space.

Sending you a lot of hedgehog hugs!


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